A. Reviewer and Manuscript Information

Please input date in mm/dd/yy format.
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It is our custom to acknowledge reviewers in each Proceedings volume without attribution to specific manuscripts.

B. Manuscript Review

Please examine the assigned manuscript. Data Reports submitted for publication in the IODP Proceedings should contain data analyses and the like but no interpretation. Thus they are normally reviewed by one specialist only. A Data Report ordinarily should include a section on methods, or a comparable section that indicates such things as analytical or descriptive procedures followed, and a section on results. Please make sure that they are complete and relevant.

Please address each topic listed in this questionnaire. More detailed comments may be added in the space provided. Suggestions, minor corrections, and comments may be made on the manuscript.

If you have compiled your comments in an electronic file, you may attach that file now and proceed to question 7. Click the Choose file button to find the file on your hard drive.

If you feel that the article can be improved by condensing text (or expanding certain sections) or by altering tables or figures, please list suggested changes explicitly.
The author will be required to submit the figures in an electronic format ready for publication. Is the quality of the art adequate for this purpose? Please offer suggestions for improvement.