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Scientific Prospectus
Gillis, K., Snow, J.E., and Klaus, A., 2012. Hess Deep plutonic crust: exploring the plutonic crust at a fast-spreading ridge: new drilling at Hess Deep. IODP Sci. Prosp., 345. doi:10.2204/​iodp.sp.345.2012

Preliminary Report



Gillis, K.M., Snow, J.E., Klaus, A., Abe, N., Adrião, Á.B., Akizawa, N., Ceuleneer, G., Cheadle, M.J., Faak, K., Falloon, T.J., Friedman, S.A., Godard, M., Guerin, G., Harigane, Y., Horst, A.J., Hoshide, T., Ildefonse, B., Jean, M.M., John, B.E., Koepke, J., Machi, S., Maeda, J., Marks, N.E., McCaig, A.M., Meyer, R., Morris, A., Nozaka, T., Python, M., Saha, A., and Wintsch, R.P., in press. Primitive layered gabbros from fast-spreading lower oceanic crust. Nature (London, U. K.). doi:10.1038/nature12778


Geological Society of Japan Annual Meeting 2013
Nozaka, T., Wintsch, R.P., Meyer, R., and the IODP Expedition 345 Shipboard Scientific Party, submitted. Green spinel and diaspore in gabbroic rocks from the Hess Deep Rift, IODP Site U1415 [Geological Society of Japan (JGS) Annual Meeting, Sendai, Japan, 14–16 September 2013].

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