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School of rock1


Short caption: Educators participating in the 2005 IODP School of Rock Expedition.

Long caption: Educators participating in the IODP School of Rock Expedition arrive on Monday, 31 October 2005. From left to right: Debbie Faulkner (Halifax County High School, VA), Ramona Smith (South Hadley High School, MA), Heather Kortlandt (Otsego High School, MI), Julie Marsteller (Herbert Hoover Middle School, MD), Laura Jo Fojtasek (MacMillan McGraw-Hill, NY), Dan Bregar (Crescent Valley High School, OR), Leslie Peart (Education Director, Joint Oceanographic Institutions), Jerry Cook (Phoenix Country Day School, AZ), Roberta Young (Gunn Junior High School, TX), Scott Slough (Texas A&M University), Calvin Buchholtz (Northside ISD, TX), Mary Whaley (Lowcountry Math/Science Resource Center, SC), Virginia Jones (Bonneville High School, ID), Sharon Cooper (Smithsonian Institution Natural History Museum, DC), and Brian Kennedy (center in yellow; Science Museum of Minnesota, MN).