Expedition 311 transit participants. From left to right: John Firth (Curator, IODP-USIO), Bill Crawford (Imaging Specialist, IODP-USIO), David Morley (Marine Computer Specialist, IODP-USIO), Paul Foster (Applications Developer Administrator, IODP-USIO), Rakesh Mithal (Supervisor of Databases and Archives, IODP-USIO), Derryl Schroeder (Drilling Engineer, IODP-USIO), Mike Storms (Operations Superintendent, IODP-USIO), Lisa Hawkins (Marine Lab Specialist, IODP-USIO), Bob Aduddell (Drilling Engineer, IODP-USIO), Karen Johnston (Marine Lab Specialist, IODP-USIO), Wayne Lambert (Core Tech, Transocean), Jennifer Henderson (Marine Lab Specialist, IODP-USIO), and Roy Davis (Lab Officer, IODP-USIO; top). [Photo ID: exp311_029]

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