TO: Tom Davies

FM: Jay Miller


JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 304, 30 November 2004.


LOCATION:  Site U1309 (prospectus site AMFW-01A)

Latitude: 30° 10.1086'N     Longitude: 42° 07.1115'W    
Water depth: 1642 mbsl


SCIENCE UPDATE: After termination of coring operations in Hole U1309B, downhole logging operations started with the triple combo tool string. Prior to logging, the hole was circulated with fresh water since previous logging operations in gabbroic rock indicated improved resistivity data were acquired with fresh water in the borehole as compared to seawater. This is likely due to the reduction in resistivity contrast between the formation and the circulating fluid when fresh water is used. Two passes with the triple combo indicated a clear, nearly gauge hole and continuous data were recorded from near the bottom of the hole to within about 30 m of the seafloor. Two passes were recorded with the FMS tool string as well, and excellent quality images were recorded. Downhole measurements indicate the hole is deviated ~7° to the northeast. During preparations for wireline heave compensation testing, the loggers noted anomalously high wireline tension. When the FMS tool was extracted a pad had been damaged. A short tool string was assembled and wireline heave compensation tests were completed.