TO: Tom Davies

FM: Jay Miller


JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 304, 7 December 2004.


LOCATION:  Site U1309 (prospectus site AMFW-01A)

Latitude: 30° 10.120'N     Longitude: 42° 07.114'W    
Water depth: 1645 mbsl


SCIENCE UPDATE: Cores 304-U1309D-2R to -8R (26.8 to 55.3 mbsf. 60% recovery) are a sequence of diabase and gabbro with evidence of brittle deformation and multiple episodes of hydrothermal alteration. The gabbros appear to be more hornblende rich and pyroxene poor than the gabbroic rocks from the upper part of the core at Hole U1309B. However, the overall similarity between the material recovered from Hole U1309B and Hole U1309D provides encouragement for the potential of lithologic unit correlation between the holes.