TO: Tom Davies

 FM: Carlos A. Alvarez Zarikian


JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 306, 12 March 2005.


LOCATION: Site U1312 (IRD4A)


SCIENCE UPDATE: Cores 306-U1312A-15H to 25H (133 to 237 mbsf; 104.5% recovery) are predominantly white (foraminiferal) nannofossil ooze of Pliocene to Miocene age, with only minor amount of siliciclastic material. Within the main lithology, occasional thin greenish and light gray laminae are present. Coring in Hole 1312A concluded at 1540 hrs after recovery of Core 25H. The base of the cored interval in Hole 1312A is assigned to nannofossil zone NN7 (~11 Ma).


The JR was repositioned about 20 m NW to initiate drilling operations  in Hole 1312B. Cores U1312B-1H to 3H (0 to 23.67 mbsf; 102.8%) had been recovered by 2330 hrs.