TO: Tom Davies

FM: Carlos A. Alvarez Zarikian


JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 306, 13 March 2005.


LOCATION: Site U1312 (IRD4A)


SCIENCE UPDATE: Cores 306-U1312B-4H to 25H (22.9 to 231.9 mbsf) had been recovered by 23.30h. Due to bad weather conditions drilling of Hole U1312B had to stop at that depth. The base of the cored interval in  Hole U1312B is assigned to nannofossil zone NN8 (~ 10.5-11 Ma). Cores 306-U1312B-1H to 4H (0 to 32.4 mbsf; Quaternary) are predominently nannofossil silty clay, silty clay nannofossil ooze, nannofossil ooze with clay,  foraminifer nannofossil ooze, and nannofossil ooze of yellowish  brown (10YR 5/4), very pale brown (10YR 7/4), olive (5Y 5/3), light gray (2.5 7/1), and white (N9) colours. The changes in lithology and color probably represent glacial/interglacial cycles. The Brunhes/Matuyama boundary was identified in Core 306-U1312B-3H-3, 55 cm.