TO: Tom Davies

FM: Carlos A. Alvarez Zarikian


JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 306, 7 April 2005.


LOCATION: Site U1314 (GAR-1B)


SCIENCE UPDATE: Preparation and review of Site U1313 reports. We arrived at Site U1314 at 03:30 hr. Hole U1314A was spudded at 09:50 hr establishing a sea floor depth of 2810.6 mbrf. Cores U1314A-1H to -19H had been recovered by midnight for a total of 180.31 m of sediment and a recovery of 104.21%. Cores U1314A-1H to -3H consist of Holocene to mid-Pleistocene gray, greenish gray, olive gray and dark gray biosiliceous silty clay, nannofossil ooze with diatoms and nannofossil ooze, and exhibit significant flow-in and disturbance.