TO: Tom Davies

FM: Carlos A. Alvarez Zarikian


JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 306, 8 April 2005.


LOCATION: Site U1314 (GAR-1B)


SCIENCE UPDATE: Hole U1314A was concluded at 07:25 hr with the recovery of Core U1314A-28H. The 258.4 m (267.34 m of sediment, 103.4% recovery) cored interval for this hole spans from 0 to 2.6 Ma. Cores U1314A-4H to -17H consist of Pleistocene gray, olive, olive gray and dark gray biosiliceous silty clay, nannofossil ooze, silty clay with foraminifers and silty clay with nannofossils. The Brunhes/Matuyama boundary was identified at 57.3 m in Hole U1314A. The Jaramillo and Olduvai normal polarity zones were identified at 74.4 to 79.8 and 138.9 to 155.3 mbsf, respectively.  


Hole U1314B was spudded at 12:20 hr. Core U1314B-1H recovered 4.02 m of sediment, establishing a sea floor depth of 2811.5 mbrf. Cores U1314B-1H to -16H had been recovered by midnight for a total of 147.87 m of sediment (recovery of 100.9%).