TO: Tom Davies

FM: Trevor Williams


JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 307, 2 May 2005


LOCATION: Site U1316 (PORC-4A) and Site U1317 (PORC-3A)



The downhole logging operation in Hole U1316 was started, but the first tool string was prevented from descending more than 5m out of the pipe by an obstruction in the hole. Logging operations were terminated at this point because if the pipe was lowered, there would be very little hole left to log (TD is 134m), and because we will have the opportunity to revisit the site and log the C hole if time permits.


Cores U1316B-1H to 6H repeated the late Pleistocene silty clay section from U1316A. Core U1316B-7H contains coral rudstone. It was cut into 1.2-m-sections and, after whole-core measurements, was placed in one of the freezers at -50C so that it could be split while frozen 1-2 days hence, with the aim of retaining the internal structure of the core on splitting. Hole U1316B was terminated with Core U1316B-8H (18cm recovery).


Core U1317A-1H (100% recovery) is unconsolidated calcareous mud with coral debris.