TO: Tom Davies

FM: Trevor Williams


JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 307, 4 May 2005


LOCATION: Site U1317 (PORC-3A)



Cores U1317B-10H to 16H and U1317C-1H to 17H are coral-bearing floatstone, which shows alternation of light-green calcareous layers and darker less calcareous layers. Cores U1317B-17X and U1317C-18X are green-grey siltstone. A major depositional gap separates the coral-bearing unit from the siltstone. Biostratigraphic ages are being updated.


One core (U1316B-7H) was split while frozen with the saw, leading to superior preservation of the structure and corals in the split core face compared to the equivalent core from U1316A, which was split by saw without freezing, as normal.