TO: Tom Davies

FM: Trevor Williams


JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 307, 9 May 2005


LOCATION: Site U1318 (PORC-2A)


SCIENCE UPDATE: Cores U1318A-5H to 10H (37-87 mbsf) and U1318B-1H to 10H (0-87 mbsf) are late Pleistocene gray-brown laminated silty clay. Cores U1318A-10H to 15H (87-140 mbsf) and U1318B-10H to 21X (87-195 mbsf) are pale greenish nannofossil-rich siltstone. The silty clay is separated from the nannofossil siltstone by a 40-cm-thick oyster bed in Core U1318A-10H (87 mbsf).