JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 307, 11 May 2005


LOCATION: Site U1318 (PORC-2A), Site U1317 (PORC-3A)


SCIENCE UPDATE: Cores U1318B-1H to 3H (0-86 mbsf) (the interval between 1H and 2H (2.9-70 mbsf) was drilled without coring) are late Pleistocene gray-brown laminated silty clay. Cores U1318B-3H to 10X (86-144.9 mbsf) are greenish nannofossil-rich siltstone. The silty clay is separated from the nannofossil siltstone by an oyster bed in Core U1318C-3H.


The ship then returned to Challenger Mound for Hole U1317E. Cores U1317E-1H to 17H (0-155.3 mbsf, 103.1% recovery) are predominantly floatstone, wackestone, and rudstone. A lithified layer immediately underlying the mound sediments was recovered in the core-catcher sample of U1317E-17H. Core U1317E-18H (155.3-158.6 mbsf) is greenish gray clayey silt, and was the final core before starting the transit to the Azores.


Expedition 307 recovered a total of 1393m of core from eleven holes at three sites.