JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 308, 09 June 2005     


LOCATION: Site U1320 


SCIENCE UPDATE: The major lithology in Core U1320A-1H is a greenish gray clay with rare sponge spicules, interbedded with small sandstone layers. This clayey lithology can still be observed downhole at Site U1320, but it is interrupted by three sandy horizons (7-26 mbsf, 42-56 mbsf, and 67-69 mbsf) interpreted as a series of sandy turbidites. As expected prior to drilling, all sedimentary features of Hole U1320A point to a very dynamic sedimentation regime characterized by frequent sediment reworking. The T2P probe was deployed for the fourth time at 213 mbsf in Hole U1320A. For this run, the bottom hole assembly (BHA), was placed only 1 meter above the sea floor. This allowed us to better center the probe and resulted in the tip of the T2P not being bent. Data from this deployment are still being analyzed, but data analysis from the third T2P run (126.3 mbsf, June 8th) yielded an in-situ temperature of 7.2 degrees C and indicated that in-situ pressure dissipated from 2520 to 2067 psi over a 45 minute period. Since all science objectives were fulfilled at Site U1320, a decision was made to stop drilling operations at 300 mbsf and preparation were made for wireline logging. Logging operations started shortly after 2400.