JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 308, 12 June 2005 


LOCATION: Site U1321


SCIENCE UPDATE: MWD/LWD operations in Hole U1320B were terminated at 0330, and the vessel was moved in DP mode to Site U1319. Hole U1319B was dedicated to MWD/LWD, and these operations started at 0945 and were terminated at 2215. In view of the operation time left in the Brazos-Trinity Basin, we decided to pursue MWD/LWD operations at one contingency site (proposed site BT4-3A) situated in between sites U1319 and U1320. The scientific rational for drilling this MWD hole (U1321A) is to trace the lateral variations in thickness of sandy turbidites. As of 2400, the JR was in transit to Site U1321. The real time pulse data obtained for Holes U1319B and U1320B is of good quality from 30 mbsf to the target depths. The LWD data still needs to be downloaded, but preliminary data from the MWD gamma ray and resistivity highlight alternating sequences of shale and sand in Holes U1319B and U1320B. These results are consistent with wireline logging and visual examination of the cores.