JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 308, 13 June 2005     


LOCATION: Site U1321 


SCIENCE UPDATE: MWD/LWD operations in Hole U1321A began at 0130 and were terminated at 1500 on June 13. The logged interval at this site ranged from 13 to 140 mbsf, and it was drilled at a rate of 30 m/hour. MWD logs were of good quality, and show trends similar to what was observed at Sites U1319 and U1320. The high-resolution LWD data needs to be downloaded and analyzed before stratigraphic correlations between sites U1319, U1320, and U1321 can be established. As of 2400, the vessel was sailing towards the Ursa basin where MWD/LWD operations will begin on June 14 at a projected time of 1800.