JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 308, 15 June 2005     


LOCATION: Site U1322 


 SCIENCE UPDATE: Hole U1322A was spudded at 0045 on June 15, and then drilled with an MWD/LWD drill string from 3.8 to 238 mbsf. Operations proceeded smoothly down to the target depth, and resistivity and gamma ray data indicated that as predicted before drilling the lithology was a mud. For the first time in the history of IODP, a hole was logged before being cored, and MWD/LWD was tested as a viable tool to monitor real time pressure in a hole. Additionally, the stored LWD data for Hole U1319B was analyzed. Based on this data, it appears that Hole U1319B is a relatively homogeneous mud-prone section with a normal compaction trend. Deviations from this trend exist at 25 mbsf where gamma ray has a step decrease, from 30.5-31.5 mbsf where gamma ray increases, and from 78-93 mbsf where bulk density decreases. These intervals are consistent with intervals rich in foraminifers (25 mbsf) or bearing fine silt laminae (30.5-31.5 mbsf), and with intervals of low densities as measured on discreet sediment samples (78-93 mbsf).