JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 308, 17 June 2005     


LOCATION: Site U1324 


SCIENCE UPDATE: After finishing cementing Hole U1323A and performing a VIT survey, we transited to the location of prospectus Site URSA-1B (IODP Site U1324). The beacon was deployed on Site U1324 at 1040 hr, and preparations were made for MWD/LWD operations. The sea floor was tagged at 1066.0 mbrf and Hole U1324A was spudded at 1610 hr. After washing the hole down to 5 mbsf, we started drilling with the MWD/LWD tools. As of 2400 hr, the MWD/LWD operations had advanced down to 160 mbsf, the gamma ray and resistivity tools from the MWD string indicated the presence of mud only and no sand unit was penetrated.