JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 308, 20 June 2005     


LOCATION: Site U1324 


SCIENCE UPDATE: Wireline logging operations in Hole U1324A continued with the gamma ray and sonic tools from 534 mbsf to the seafloor. This operation was completed at 0430 hr after two passes. A mammal watch was organized at 0545 hr, and the well seismic tool (WST) was deployed to obtain a vertical seismic profile (VSP). VSP operations were completed at 1245 hr, after which the vessel's position was offset and preparations were made for coring operations at Hole U1324B. Results from the VSP experiment show velocity variations in the shallower section. This data will be useful for interpretation of the seismic data. Sonic logs were of good quality but show little variations, whereas gamma ray data confirmed the trends already observed with the MWD/LWD string. As of 2400 hr, no core was yet on deck.