JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 308, 21 June 2005     


LOCATION: Site U1324 


SCIENCE UPDATE: Coring operations at Hole U1324B proceeded smoothly from 0 to 144 mbsf. Four T2P and four APCT deployments took place in this interval, and the data obtained is currently being analyzed. The lithologies encountered at Hole U1324B include a grayish-green clay from 0 to 32 mbsf (down to Core U1324B-3H). This lithology is interpreted as a Holocene hemipelagic drape deposit. From Core U1324B-4H down to Core U1324B-9H (79.8 mbsf), the major lithology remains a grayish-green clay, but minor silt layers and traces of organic matter are present. This new lithology is tentatively interpreted as a hemipelagic deposit mixed with very distal turbidite deposits, and perhaps some intervals of levee deposits. As of 2400 hr, coring operations were down to Core U1324B-16H, and Core U1324B-10H was being described.