JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 308, 24 June 2005     


LOCATION: Site U1324 


SCIENCE UPDATE: Between Core U1324B-44H and Core U1324B-51X (from 352.7 to 396.8 mbsf), the major lithology of Hole U1324B is a greenish gray clay. The major difference with the previous intervals is that starting in Core U1324B-46X (364 mbsf) the amount of silt material increases. Between Cores U1324B-52X and U1324B-54X (396.8 to 419 mbsf), the major lithology is a sandy silt. From Core U1324B-54X to Core U1324B-59X, the lithology is again a greenish gray clay. Visual core description has revealed that the intervals of coarser-grained lithologies observed during MWD/LWD logging were mainly composed of silt-sized sediments, not sand. Work on the DVTP-P probe was continued, and an explanation for the sub-hydrostatic pressure readings was found when it was discovered that the tool was leaking. The DVTP-P was repaired by the IODP technical staff, and is now working properly. As of 2400 hr, coring operations were down to Core U1324B-67X at 541.2 mbsf.