JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 308, 26 June 2005     


 LOCATION: Site U1324  


 SCIENCE UPDATE: Hole U1324C was tagged and spudded at 0345 hr on Sunday June 26. Hole U1324C is dedicated to geotechnical coring and in-situ measurements. The 50 first meters of sediment were drilled, after which we deployed the T2P probe and took an APC core. The plan is to follow with that strategy down to 400 mbsf, drilling by 50 meter increments and alternating between T2P and DVTP-P measurements. After each measurement, an APC core was taken in order to sample the formation penetrated. Visual description of the cores revealed lithologies dominated by clay and mud, similar to what was described in Hole U1324B. Preliminary analysis of the T2P and DVTP-P data indicate that we have recovered an excellent dataset in Hole 1324C and that the probes are working well. The formation pressure at Ursa are in between lithostatic and hydrostatic, which is in agreement with the model of overpressured basin being tested by Expedition 308. As of 2400 hr, Core U1324C-4H was being cored at 200 mbsf.