JA  Daily Science Report for Expedition 308, 28 June 2005      


LOCATION: Site U1322   


SCIENCE UPDATE: Hole U1322B was spudded at 1145 hr on Tuesday June 28. Coring operations began shortly after, but were delayed for several hours due to electrical problems. The main lithology in Cores U1322B-1H (0 mbsf) to U1322B-3H (23 mbsf) is a greenish gray laminated mud. Only the first 1.5 meter of Core U1322B-1H bears foraminifera, the rest of the interval appears barren when observed in the cores. From the top of Core U1322B-4H (23 mbsf) to Core U1322B-7H, section 5 (58.6 mbsf), numerous deformation structures such as contorted beddings, faults and S-shaped folds are visible. The interval between 23 to 58.6 mbsf is thus interpreted as a slump, and this horizon can be easily traced on the seismic lines. Below 58.6 mbsf in Core U1322B-7H, lamination in the sediment resumes and no structures are visible. This marks the base of the slump.