JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 308, 1 July 2005  


LOCATION: Site U1322   


SCIENCE UPDATE: We spent most of the day drilling Hole U1322C from 100 mbsf down to 236 mbsf, and we deployed the T2P and DVTP-P probes twice each (at 100 mbsf, 150 mbsf, 200 mbsf and 236 mbsf). For various technical reasons, many deployments of the probes in this hole did not give accurate results, with the exception of the DVTP-P deployment at 236 mbsf and a T2P deployment at 150 mbsf. Based on these results, we decided to spend the 36 hours of operation time remaining drilling a new geotechnical hole. This decision was also motivated by the fact that our revised authorized depth of penetration at Site U1323 (174 mbsf) meant that the interval of major scientific interest could not be penetrated. The purpose of Hole U1322D was to deploy the pressure and temperature probes and spot core after each deployment. The cores obtained were to be sampled for geotechnical analysis, and then processed through the onboard laboratories. Between 2100 hr and 2330 hr a first successful T2P deployment was made at 40 mbsf in Hole U1322D, and as of 2400 hr Core U1322D-1H was being taken.