JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 309, 18 July 2005

LOCATION: Site 1256

SCIENCE UPDATE: Logging operations in Hole 1256D started at 1200 July 17 with the Triple Combo tool string. The Triple Combo pass provided good data, that appear to be in very good agreement with Leg 206 data. The maximum temperature measured by the TAP tool at the bottom of the hole is 68.7 C. The second tool string was the FMS/Sonic. A single pass was realized and good quality acoustic velocities and FMS images were recorded. Initial comparisons of caliper data from Leg 206 and Exp 309 appear very similar with an average hole diameter of 11 inches and only one apparent tight spot (9.3 inches) at approximately 500 mbsf. So far this has not seemed to have affected the passage of either the drill string or the wireline tools. Logging operations were completed at 0530 July 18, the drill string was retrieved, and a CC-9 RCB bit was installed. Hole 1256D was reentered at 2325 July 18.