Daily report for IODP Expedition 311, September 23, 2005


LOCATION: Site U1327 (CAS-1B)


SCIENCE UPDATE: LWD/MWD operations in Hole U1326A were completed to a permitted depth of 300 mbsf. The bit was pulled above the seafloor at 06:00 ending operations in Hole U1326A We transited ~8.5 nmi to Site U1327 (CAS-1B) in DP mode arriving at 1630. Hole U1327A was spudded at 18:30 at water depth of 1333 mbrf. After a controlled rate spud-in to maintain the quality of the near-surface LWD/MWD logs, Hole U1327A was advanced at a relatively high real-time penetration rate of 50 m/hr. Laboratory meetings held throughout the day dealt mainly with the planed deployment of special downhole tools and core systems, including the APCT and the prototype (third party) APC3 tool, the APC-Methane tool, the acquisition of bottom-water samples with the WSTP, and the use of PFTs to analyze core contamination for microbiological studies. The PCS core handling team met to further develop the core handling and analytical procedures in support of scheduled PCS degassing experiments.