Daily report for IODP Expedition 311, September 25, 2005


LOCATION: Site U1329 (CAS-05D)


SCIENCE UPDATE: LWD/MWD logging hole, Hole U1328A, reached a total depth of 300 mbsf at 04:15. The downhole electrical resistivity logs from Hole U1328A appear to infer the occurrence of significant gas hydrate occurrences immediately below the seafloor and extend to a depth of ~40 mbsf. Several other notable higher resistivity intervals are present below the near-surface high resistivity section. After

completing Hole U1328A, the tool string was pulled back to the ship and the LWD/MWD data from the three previous drill sites were successfully downloaded. The DP mode move to Site U1329 took ~8.5 hrs, with the spudding of Hole U1329A at 18:35 at a water depth of 970 mbrf.  Preparation for coring continued, with several core handling and processing review meetings with both the IODP technical staff and the science party throughout the day. The science party also participated in a H2S safety training session with the shipboard Lab Officer.