Daily report for IODP Expedition 311, September 26, 2005


LOCATION: Site U1329 (CAS-05D)


SCIENCE UPDATE: LWD/MWD operations were completed at 08:00 with the termination of the Hole U1329A at a depth of 220 mbsf. Based on preliminary analysis of the resistivity and other LWD/MWD acquired downhole logs, it appears that Site U1329 may contain only limited

amounts of gas hydrate. However, at the seismically defined BSR depth of 126 mbsf there is a notable resistivity log response that might be related to the occurrence of gas hydrate and/or free-gas. The lower potion of the Hole U1329A was also characterized by unusually high

resistivities and density log values, possibly indicating a highly indurated section. LDEO scientists and the Schlumberger engineers were

able to quickly process all of the critical LWD/MWD log data and produce several large scale montages of the log data from each site;

which is now posted throughout the ships laboratories and is proving to be an invaluable resource as we plan the coring program. Planning for coring continued throughout the day with a pre-spud meeting and a HYACINTH pressure coring meeting. The laboratory groups continue work on refining laboratory procedures, sub-sampling, and sample preservation routines. In the morning, we learned that the

LWD/MWD-transfer boat had to return to Coos Bay, Oregon due to engine problems. However, the transfer boat was quickly repaired and left Coos Bay at 10:25 and is expected to rendezvous with the Resolution at 16:00 on Tuesday, September 27, 2005.