Daily Report for IODP Expedition 311, October 1, 2005


LOCATION: Site U1329 (CAS-05D)


SCIENCE UPDATE: Coring operations started in Hole U1329E at 02:35 hr. High-resolution sampling was performed for microbiological and geochemical studies of the sulfate-methane interface. The IODP pressure core sampler (PCS) was deployed three times in Hole U1329E at 33.5, 73.5, and 125.0 mbsf. The PCS run at 33.5 mbsf was recovered without pressure. The runs at 73.5 and 125.0 mbsf appeared to be successful and the core degassing process was started after initial X-Ray and density imaging of the sealed pressure corer inner barrel. The Fugro pressure corer (FPC) was deployed at 104.0 mbsf; however, the tool did not retrieve any core. The HYACE rotary corer (HRC) was deployed at a depth of 114.5 mbsf and retrieved a full core under pressure. Additional formation temperature measurements were made in Hole U1329E with the APC3, APCT and DVTP tools; some of the temperature surveys were adversely affected by the relatively high ship heave conditions. The total depth of 125 mbsf was reached in Hole U1329E with the DVTP deployment at 21:45 hr. The BHA was pulled to the ship in preparation for a short transit (~ 9 mni) to Site U1327. The Cl profile from Hole U1329C is consistent with the salinity profile with a freshening trend at the bottom of the hole. Although log caliper data indicate enlarged hole conditions in Hole U1329D, acoustic wireline log data are of high quality.