Daily Report for IODP Expedition 311, October 2, 2005


LOCATION: Site U1327 (CAS-01B)


SCIENCE UPDATE: At 04:15 hr we arrived on location at Site U1327. We spudded Hole U1327B at 08:55 hr, returning a full core. We picked the bit up 5 m and spudded Hole U1327C with a 6.1 m mudline core, providing an estimated seafloor depth of 1315.4 mbrf. We deployed the APC3 and APCT alternating on every other APC core for temperature measurements. Two PCSs were deployed, Core 6P at 44.1 and Core 15P at 121.8 mbsf. Core 6 P was returned without pressure. Initial analyses of the pore waters indicates that the SMI is ~11-15 mbsf. We will develop a high-resolution subsampling procedure in the top few cores for the next hole based on the estimated SMI depth. The first IR anomaly (inferred gas hydrate) was recovered in Core 13X (109 mbsf), which was removed and stored in liquid nitrogen. By midnight, Core 14X was recovered, which also contained distinct IR anomalies (several degrees colder than surrounding sediment) along with bubbling, although no direct physical observation of gas hydrate was made.