Daily Report for IODP Expedition 311, October 6, 2005


LOCATION: Site U1327 (CAS-01B)


SCIENCE UPDATE: The swell conditions that suspended drilling operations for most of 5 October subsided enough to allow coring operations to commence with the recovery of HRC Core U1327D-4E at 00:50 hr on 6 October. The special tools hole (Hole U1327D) was advanced throughout the day with six pressure core deployments within LWD/MWD targeted zones. The HRC and FPC was first deployed within 16-m-thick high electrical resistivity zone previously identified from the LWD/MWD logs. The HRC was recovered under pressure, but during the transfer for P-wave velocity and X-ray scanning the transfer system lost pressure. The first FPC core system fired prematurely (similar to the problem experienced in Hole U1329E) and recovered a sediment core without pressure. Both of these pressure cores were X-ray and P-wave velocity scanned, and were made available for geochemistry and physical property subsampling. The hole was advanced by XCB coring to 155.1 mbsf and the PCS was deployed, which yielded a complete core under pressure (Core 10P). Core 10P was X-rayed and moved into the PCS lab for degassing. The hole was advanced by XCB coring to 170.5 mbsf and the HRC was deployed and Core 12E was recovered with sediment and under pressure. The FPC was deployed again at a depth of 203.3 mbsf and recovered a core (Core 13Y) under pressure. Most of the XCB cores obtained between the pressure core sections contained IR cold-spots that were subsampled for interstitial water analysis and microbiology subsampling. A few samples were preserved in liquid nitrogen.