Daily Report for IODP Expedition 311, October 14, 2005


LOCATION: Site U1328 (CAS-06A)


SCIENCE UPDATE: Hole U1328C was advanced by XCB coring to a total depth (TD) of 300 mbsf at 10:00 hr. The hole was prepared for wireline logging with a short wiper trip. At 16:50 hr the triple-combo logging tool was lowered to a TD of 294 mbsf, which is only 6 m shallower than TD for the hole (300 mbsf). The up-hole triple-combo run was completed without incidence and the tool was back to the rig floor at 19:40 hr. Next the FMS-sonic tool was deployed, which was lowered at 21:40 hr, reaching the same depth as the triple-combo log run. Two passes of FMS-sonic were completed without incident. Initial analysis of the density caliper log from the triple-combo log run shows a significantly enlarged hole. However, the resistivity log from the DIT and the compression/shear wave acoustic data from the DSI tool appear to indicate the presence gas hydrate and free gas near the predicted depth

of the seismically identified BSR at 219 mbsf.