Daily Report for IODP Expedition 311, October 22, 2005


LOCATION: Site U1325 (CAS-02C)


SCIENCE UPDATE: Through the early morning we continued XCB coring with the last core on deck at 07:15 hr, taken from 294.7-304.3 mbsf. This additional core, below the target TD of 300 mbsf, was taken to extend the geochemical profiling to a slightly greater depth and to offset the low core recovery in the previous two cores. Sea state had, however, severely deteriorated during the night resulting in a sustained ship heave of 5 m. With the next scheduled operation wireline logging, two meetings were held at 08:00 hr and 10:30 hr to review the current weather forecast and decide upon the logging program. It was concluded that two separate logging runs would be attempted, however, we decided to run only tools without calipers to reduce the potential risk of damage to the tool string. The first run included the phasor Dual Induction Tool (DIT) and the Hostile Environment Gamma Ray Sonde (HNGS). The second run included the Dipole Sonic Imager, (DSI), the Scintillation Gamma Ray (SGT) tool and the Temperature/Acceleration/Pressure (TAP) tool. The first logging run was started at 15:30 hr at a new hole TD of 259.8 mbsf, which is 44.5 m shallower than the TD achieved with coring. The run was successfully completed at 16:55 hr, with some difficulty re-entering the drill pipe after the logging run. The first pass of the sonic tool (without the FMS) deployment was started at 21:54 hr at a TD of only 185.8 mbsf and was successfully completed at 22:19 hr. The repeat (second) sonic-tool run reached 183 mbsf and by midnight the tool string was in the drill pipe and being pulled back to the ship.