Daily Report for IODP Expedition 311, October 27, 2005


LOCATION: Site U1326 (CAS-03C)/ In Transit to Victoria


SCIENCE UPDATE: Because of deteriorating weather conditions, we had no other options than going with a single downhole log run with a

non-standard IODP tool string (without a caliper arm), which included the Scintillation Gamma Ray (SGT) Tool, Phasor Dual Induction (DIT)

tool, and the Dipole Sonic Imager (DSI). The tool was deployed and lowered to 298.4 mbsf and after two successful passes from this depth, the tool was back on deck at 03:45 hr. The drill string was pulled clear of the seafloor at 05:30 hr, ending operations in Hole U1326D. After tripping the drill string to the rig floor, recovering two beacons, and securing the ship for transit, we departed at 13:20 hr

under deteriorating sea state (with 40-45 kt sustained winds gusting to >50 knots). For the first five hours of transit we were able to average a speed of about five knots per hour, increasing to ~7 knots per hour by 22:00 hr.