JA Daily Science Report for Expedition 312, 05 December 2005


LOCATION: Site 1256 Fishin' Hole


SCIENCE UPDATE: After recovery of the fishing magnet and two junk baskets a 9  inch concave mill bit and two junk baskets were deployed to grind up any metal still in the bottom of the hole. A 50 barrel mud sweep was run to try and clean out junk in between milling and working the junk baskets. The mill bit and junk baskets were recovered at 2130 hr. A circular impression with approximately the same radius as a cone base was worn in the center of the mill cutting face. The junk baskets contained several cobbles of basalt including one large piece that had a curved surface corresponding to the inner radius of the borehole wall. The contents of the junk baskets have been sieved, dried, sorted, and magnetically separated. Several pieces of milled cone have been found along with pieces of WC inserts and fine metal scraps and filings. All of the metal will be weighed to estimate how much has been recovered. A second mill bit and junk basket are being deployed to grind up any remaining metal.