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IODP Expedition 323

Bering Sea Paleoceanography

Daily Science Report for 4 September 2009

LOCATION: Arrived Berth Daikoku T3, Yokohama (Japan) at 11:17

SCIENCE UPDATE: Expedition 324 Co-Chief Scientists and USIO staff met the ship upon arrival. After clearing customs, crossover activities with offgoing USIO staff were initiated. Arriving shipments were staged on the pier. Expeditions 323 and 324 Co-Chief Scientists and some USIO staff attended welcome reception hosted by JAMSTEC/CDEX.

Daily Science Report for 3 September 2009

LOCATION: In transit to Yokohama, Japan (35°09.2'N, 140°52.9'E)

SCIENCE UPDATE: The Expedition Summary has been finalized. Backups are underway and we are preparing for arrival into Yokohama. Estimated time of arrival at pilot station: 0900 hr.

Daily Science Report for 2 September 2009

LOCATION: In transit to Yokohama, Japan (36°55.0'N, 144°13.1'E)

SCIENCE UPDATE: All site reports are finished and the Expedition Summary is being finalized. Backups are underway, shipments being prepared, lab cleaning continues.

Daily Science Report for 1 September 2009

LOCATION: In transit to Yokohama, Japan (39°18.1'N, 148°40.2'E)

SCIENCE UPDATE: The expedition summary is being finalized. Scientists continue editing their sample requests and postcruise research plans, preparing abstracts and/or presentations for the INVEST and AGU Meetings. Cleaning and organization of the ship's laboratories are in full swing. We spent most of the afternoon and through the night battling the inclement winds and high seas produced by tropical storm Krovanh.

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