Depth and Age Laboratory

Calculation of depth and age variables for IODP core and downhole data

The ultimate goal of most geological field programs is to collect data in the form of time series. For drill holes and cores, data acquisition is associated with particular depth measurements including intrinsic errors ("depth 1"). Intervals measured or recovered from multiple holes with the same tools, or from the same hole with different tools, can be correlated and spliced to obtain more continuous time series for a hole or site ("depth 2"). Depth scales can be further improved by applying corrections for artifacts such as gas voids or for core expansion relative to the drilled interval. Using age information obtained from cores and the most appropriate depth scale, one or more age models can be constructed for a hole or site. The age model then allows calculation of age as an independent variable for core and downhole data.

The purpose of the Depth and Age (D&A) lab working team is to coordinate development of database components and user interfaces towards full implementation of age as an independent variable.

Depth & Age Lab Working Team (D&A LWT)

Depth & Age Working Team Meetings

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