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Scientific Prospectus

Kastner, M., Malone, M.J., and the Expedition 301T Project Team, 2004. Costa Rica hydrogeology. IODP Sci. Prosp., 301T. doi:10.2204/​iodp.sp.301T.2004

Preliminary Report

Shipboard Scientific Party, 2004. Costa Rica hydrogeology. IODP Prel. Rept., 301T. doi:10.2204/​

Scientific Drilling journal

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Davis, E., Heeswemann, M., and Wang, K., 2011. Evidence for episodic aseismic slip across the subduction seismogenic zone off Costa Rica: CORK borehole pressure observations at the subduction prism toe. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 306(3–4):299–305.​10.1016/​j.epsl.2011.04.017

Davis, E.E., and Villinger, H.W., 2006. Transient formation fluid pressures and temperatures in the Costa Rica forearc prism and subducting oceanic basement: CORK monitoring at ODP Sites 1253 and 1255. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 245(1–2):232–244.​10.1016/​j.epsl.2006.02.042

Davis, E.E., Villinger, H., and Sun, T., 2015. Slow and delayed deformation and uplift of the outermost subduction prism following ETS and seismogenic slip events beneath Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 410:117–127.​10.1016/​j.epsl.2014.11.015

Nigro, L.M., Harris, K., Orcutt, B.N., Hyde, A., Clayton-Luce, S., Becker, K., and Teske, A., 2012. Microbial communities at the borehole observatory on the Costa Rica Rift flank (Ocean Drilling Program Hole 896A). Frontiers in Microbiology, 3:232.​10.3389/​fmicb.2012.00232

Solomon, E.A., Kastner, M., Wheat, C.G., Jannasch, H., Robertson, G., Davis, E.E., and Morris, J.D., 2009. Long-term hydrogeochemical records in the oceanic basement and forearc prism at the Costa Rica subduction zone. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 282(1–4):240–251.​10.1016/​j.epsl.2009.03.022

Thomson, R.E., Davis, E.E., Heesemann, M., and Villinger, H., 2010. Observations of long‐duration episodic bottom currents in the Middle America Trench: evidence for tidally initiated turbidity flows.Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 115(C10):C10020.​10.1029/​2010JC006166

Tryon, M.D., 2009. Monitoring aseismic tectonic processes via hydrologic responses: an analysis of log-periodic fluid flow events at the Costa Rica outer rise. Geology, 37(2):163–166.​10.1130/​G25342A.1

Walter, J.I., Schwartz, S.Y., Protti, M., and Gonzalez, V., 2013. The synchronous occurrence of shallow tremor and very low frequency earthquakes offshore of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. Geophysical Research Letters, 40(8):1517–1512.​10.1002/​grl.50213


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