Trevor Cobine (Maring technician: paleomagnetism, IODP-USIO/TAMU), Lisa Crowder (Assistant Lab Officer, IODP-USIO/TAMU), Dwight Hornbacher (Applications Developer, IODP-USIO/TAMU), Leslie Peart (Staff Educator, IODP-USIO/Ocean Leadership), Dinah Bowman (Outreach Officer, Dinah Bowman Studio and Gallery, USA), Jean Marie Gautier (Outreach Officer, College Jean Vilar, France), Brigitte Thiberge (Outreach Officer, Lycée Alain Chartier, France), Bejonty Richardson (Outreach Officer/HBCU Fellow, Virginia State University, USA), and Jennifer Rutter (Petrologist, University of Southampton, UK) enjoy an outdoor BBQ. (Credit William Crawford, IODP/TAMU) [Photo ID: exp327_090]

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