Gathered around the working half core sampling table are (from left) Marco Maffione (Paleomagnetist, Utrecht University, The Netherlands), Heather Barnes (Assistant Laboratory Officer, IODP-USIO/TAMU), Gemma Maxwell (Curatorial Specialist, IODP-USIO/TAMU), and Michael Gurnis (Physical Properties Specialist, California Institute of Technology, USA). Mike and Marco discuss the sampling plan with Gemma and Heather. The core section is split into two halves. The first is the archive half, which is photographed and subjected only to non-destructive analyses. The second half of the core section is called the working half. Many of the analyses require samples to be removed from the core and are therefore destructive in nature. Careful planning and agreements must be formulated beforehand so the best use of this limited resource is made. Mike must remove samples from the core to test physical properties such as velocity and density. Marco’s analysis will reveal the direction of the ancient geomagnetic field captured in the sediments. (Credit: Bill Crawford, IODP/TAMU) [Photo ID: exp351_031]

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