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IODP Expedition 317

Canterbury Basin Sea Level

Daily Science Report for 3 January 2010

LOCATION: Aotea Quay, Wellington, New Zealand

SCIENCE UPDATE: The vessel arrived in Wellington at 1415 h.

Daily Science Report for 2 January 2010

LOCATION: Site U1354 (proposed site CB-02A), 44.847°S, 171.787°E

SCIENCE UPDATE: A special logging string was made up for Hole U1354C in order to get all basic sensors without nuclear sources into a single run. The string included resistivity (DIT), sonic compressional and shear (DSI), and natural gamma ray spectroscopy (HNGS) tools. The tool string was rigged up in the early morning and tagged the bottom of the hole at ~505 m WRF. A short "repeat section" was recorded up to about 440 m WRF. The tool string was returned to TD and then recorded a main pass from TD up to the sea bed. At 0615 h the tools were rigged down, completing operations at Hole U1354C, at Site U1354, and on Expedition 317. The rig was secured for transit and at noon the vessel departed for the 24-h transit to Wellington.

Daily Science Report for 1 January 2010

LOCATION: Site U1354 (proposed site CB-02A), 44.847°S, 171.787°E

SCIENCE UPDATE: Cores U1354C-15X through 36X (174-384 m DSF) were recovered with an average recovery rate of 24%. Preparations for logging Hole U1354C are underway. Cores U1354C-6X through 22X were described today and consist of greenish gray sandy/silty marl and calcareous mud, silty sand, homogeneous gray mud, muddy sand shell beds, and abundant shells and shell fragments in many intervals. The age at the bottom of the hole is 4.0-4.3 Ma.

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