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IODP Expedition 317:
Canterbury Basin Sea Level

Week 2 Report (8-15 November 2009)

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17 November 2009


The ship departed Townsville Australia, with the last line away from Berth 4 at 0712 hr on 8 November. A drilling operations planning meeting was held on 13 November with vessel, rig, and expedition management in attendance. The vessel spent the entire week transiting the Tasman Sea between Townsville, Australia and Wellington, New Zealand, covering 1,748 nautical miles in 160 hours for an average speed of 10.9 knots. Expected time of arrival at the Wellington pilot station is 1300 hours on 16 November 2009. The vessel's local time was advanced 2 hours during the week to UTC +12.

Science Results

Expedition 317 scientists received training from USIO staff on all shipboard analytical systems. Laboratory groups practiced procedures and workflows and prepared draft method sections for the Expedition Reports. Instruments were calibrated and templates and value lists for descriptive data capture were reviewed and completed. The template for the core summary graphic report was finalized. The Sample Allocation Committee met with all scientists to clarify sample and data requests and assembled an integrated sampling plan for the expedition. A daily seminar series was held with 13 participants presenting 17 talks on New Zealand tectonics, sediment sources, and river systems; Canterbury Basin stratigraphy and sediments; stratigraphic and geochemistry lessons from previous relevant drilling expeditions; and methodologies for data capture and analysis in stratigraphy, geochemistry, and microbiology.

Technical Support and HSE Activities

During the transit to Wellington, technicians worked with scientists on laboratory training and preparations. Vidmar cabinets were installed in the logistics shop. One of the drill presses was moved to another position in the core splitting room and another drill press was moved to storage. The regulator for the analytical gas line was modified with a dual stage regulator. Vertical Seismic Profiling operations were discussed at the drilling operations planning meeting.

Six Scott Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) sets were installed in three locations: two in the core splitting room, two in the core entry area, and two in front of the chemistry laboratory. Technicians received lifeboat training from the captain. The lab officer provided training to technicians and mates on how to estimate distance and object size with the Big Eyes binocular. A fire and boat drill was held on September 15 for the entire ship's complement. After the drill, technicians were trained in the use of the fixed fire extinguisher system at the hazardous store and in the upper tween deck area.

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