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IODP Expedition 324:
Shatsky Rise Formation

Week 8 Report (25-31 October 2009)

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1 November 2009


The vessel continued its long voyage to Townsville, Australia. Presently, the JOIDES Resolution has sailed 2812 nmi on this transit at an average speed of 11.2 knots. During this week's portion of the voyage, the vessel crossed the equator, transited the Solomon Sea, and is presently sailing across the Coral Sea. There are 340 nmi remaining to the voyage with an expected arrival in Townsville in the morning of 3 November 2009, which is one day ahead of schedule.

Science Results

During this transit week, all remaining sampling parties were conducted. Cores recovered from Sites U1347, U1348, U1349 and U1350 were sampled for postcruise research. All samples were cut and properly prepared for transport.

At the beginning of the week, all descriptive lab groups completed their descriptions of the last thin sections produced from Site U1350 samples. Likewise, the geochemical lab group completed the ICP-AES analysis of 43 lava samples from Site U1350. The data were reduced and interpreted, and the results written up for the site report. The lab group also produced a more user-friendly data reduction routine for shipboard ICP-AES data.

The focus of all lab groups shifted entirely to report writing, finishing database entries and quality control, as well as coordinating the individual postcruise research plans. By the end of the week, all lab groups had completed their last site report and submitted revised methods sections. Also, all individual scientists have submitted tentative titles of research papers, which they intend to write based on samples and data from this expedition.

Technical Support and HSE Activities

During the week of October 26 the shipboard labs were busy finishing up processing cores from the last site. Cores from all drill sites were laid out for postruise sampling in a series of sample parties. A fire and boat drill was held on October 30 for the entire ship's complement.

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