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IODP Expedition 346

Asian Monsoon

Daily Science Report for 31 July 2013

LOCATION: Valdez, Alaska Container Terminal

SCIENCE UPDATE: We finished onloading supplies and equipment and offloading Expedition 341 cores. The Asian Monsoon Expedition 346 scientific party arrived via bus at 1600 hours. Expedition scientists checked in, were shown to their cabins and later underwent a brief ship orientation.

Daily Science Report for 30 July 2013

LOCATION: Valdez, Alaska Container Terminal

SCIENCE UPDATE: We continue with port call activities. These include loading oncoming freight and distribution of supplies and equipment; offloading Expedition 341 cores and packing them into refrigerated trucks for transit back to the Gulf Coast Repository in College Station; and inventory of tagged IODP items throughout the ship. The expedition management team is preparing for arrival of the scientific party in the afternoon of 31 July.

Daily Science Report for 29 July 2013

LOCATION: Valdez, Alaska

SCIENCE UPDATE: The IODP Asian Monsoon Expedition 346 began when the ship arrived at the Valdez Container Terminal in Valdez, Alaska at 1120 hours. The IODP-USIO staff and the expedition chief scientists arrived by chartered bus from Anchorage at 1530 hours and moved onto the ship. We started our port call activities with IODP-USIO crew changes and cross-over, and loading and unloading of freight. Scientists are scheduled to board the ship on 31 July.

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