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Sea Trials Transit

Daily Science Report for 29 January 2009

LOCATION: In transit to Guam.

SCIENCE UPDATE: Analytical systems basically fully installed, preacceptance and acceptance testing underway on several systems. Readiness assessment planning and preparation also continues daily.

Projected course will continue to take us through the Sulu Sea and into the Bohol Sea located north of Mindanao in the Philippines, through the Surigao Strait into the Philippine Sea, and across the Pacific Ocean to Guam.

See detailed transit map

Ship highlight of the day: Mess Hall & Galley


The Mess Hall and galley were relocated on the Main deck above the waterline. The Mess Hall has windows and increased seating capacity.

Ship's galley

Mess Hall panorama (Quicktime VR). Click and drag to pan around. Use the Shift and Control keys to zoom in and out.

See for more details on the ship's new laboratories.

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