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Sea Trials Transit

Daily Science Report for 3 March 2009

LOCATION: In transit to Honolulu, Hawaii

SCIENCE UPDATE: Acceptance testing for the natural gamma ray (NGR) logger was successfully completed. All NGR data from Hole U1330B was processed and uploaded to LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). The Readiness Assessment Team continued working on assessment reports. The 320T preliminary report is being finalized. Planning and preparation for port call activities and crossover continued in parallel to rigorous clean up of all lab and work spaces. The 320T group photograph was taken at the drill floor after being postponed for several days due to bad weather.

See detailed transit map

Ship highlight of the day: Technical Support Office


The Technical Support Office is used by the Laboratory Officer and the two Assistant Laboratory Officers who oversee the technical staff to ensure that the scientific objectives of each expedition are achieved.

See for more details on the ship's new laboratories.

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