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Expedition 320T: Sea Trials Transit

Week 1 Report (25-31 January 2009)

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1 February 2009


The JOIDES Resolution departed Singapore on schedule with last line away Loyang Offshore Supply Base at 0811 hr 25 January 2009. The ship is underway to Guam averaging ~9 kts. Ship's crew resources (engineers, rig mechanics, ETs, and electricians) were focused according to the following general priority: (1) ship's propulsion systems, power plant, safety, ABS requirements, etc., (2) drilling package readiness (primarily top drive and core winch) and ASK system/positioning beacons, etc. and (3) lab stack elevator. Work on HVAC and waste systems were daily tasks.

Other crew projects for the week included rectifying audit and safety issues throughout the ship (ABS requirement by Guam), working problems with multiple air handlers (communications and sensors issues), troubleshooting core winch electrical issues, installing two new core winch sheaves on outside with sensors for line counters, troubleshooting electrical issues with elevator system, fabricating and drilling four brackets to replace broken brackets on elevator door cams, preparing and terminating subsea TV cable head to COAX cable on winch, interfacing with Transocean Houston and CanRig representatives to accommodate communication between IODP and Transocean computer networks and rig instrumentation distribution, verifying coring tools inventory, repairing leakage problems, and ongoing cleaning of hotel/helideck areas with the goal that the entire drillship is fully washed by arrival in Guam.

Science and Analytical Systems Summary

All shipboard personnel helped in securing equipment and instrumentation throughout the ship's laboratories and support facilities to ensure their seaworthiness in preparation for departure. The Technical and Analytical Services group completed installation of all analytical systems. All other USIO staff were focused on pre-acceptance and acceptance testing of the various systems as they become available for testing, as well as on the commissioning of the ship's laboratories and support facilities. These activities were carried out by multidisciplinary teams coordinated by a staff scientist, lab officer, curatorial representative or instrument specialist. Several systems, and most laboratories and support facilities are ready for international operations. Organizational, logistical and acceptance team meetings, and readiness assessment planning and preparation continue daily.

Rate of progress with acceptance testing and commissioning of analytical systems and associated software is mostly a function of available programming personnel. All available programmers are onboard except those sailing on the first expedition. One of the programmers slated for the first expedition will join the ship in Guam.

Based on current progress, we anticipate that approximately half of the analytical systems will be accepted upon arrival in Guam. Most of the other half of the systems will be completed and in acceptance testing by that time. The remaining systems not yet accepted by arrival in Guam can be assessed by the Readiness Acceptance Committee during the sea trials in parallel to (and/or in conjunction with) the completion of acceptance testing.

The wireline heave compensator was tested with both a simulated input and MRU input. The uphole heave acceleration data feed and the downhole heave acceleration data feed are both operational. The HPU cooling fan motor was removed and a replacement unit was found onboard that we will be able to use until we arrive in Guam. Logging systems data transfer protocols are being developed and tested. A method to time sync logging system computers is being developed.

HSE Activities

Lifeboat and fire drills were conducted in port before leaving Singapore. The use of life vests and lifeboats were explained and muster stations were assigned.

Transit Map

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