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Expedition 386 citations*

Citation data for IODP publications and journal articles in RIS format

IODP publications

Scientific Prospectus

Strasser, M., Ikehara, K., and Cotterill, C., 2019. Expedition 386 Scientific Prospectus: Japan Trench Paleoseismology. International Ocean Discovery Program.

Preliminary Report

Ikehara, K., Strasser, M., Everest, J., Maeda, L., Hochmuth, K., and the Expedition 386 Scientists, 2023. Expedition 386 Preliminary Report: Japan Trench Paleoseismology. International Ocean Discovery Program.

Proceedings volume

Expedition reports


Expedition research results





Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU)/American Geophysical Union (AGU) Joint Meeting 2020

Strasser, M., Ikehara, K., Cotterill, C.J., and Maeda, L., 2020. The upcoming IODP Japan Trench paleoseismology expedition: new perspectives from tracking past earthquakes in the sedimentary record. Presented at the Japan Geoscience Union/American Geophysical Union Joint Meeting 2020, Chiba, Japan, 24–28 May 2020.

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