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Expedition 386 citations*

Citation data for IODP publications and journal articles in RIS format

IODP publications

Scientific Prospectus

Strasser, M., Ikehara, K., and Cotterill, C., 2019. Expedition 386 Scientific Prospectus: Japan Trench Paleoseismology. International Ocean Discovery Program.

Preliminary Report

Ikehara, K., Strasser, M., Everest, J., Maeda, L., Hochmuth, K., and the Expedition 386 Scientists, 2023. Expedition 386 Preliminary Report: Japan Trench Paleoseismology. International Ocean Discovery Program.

Proceedings volume

Expedition reports


Expedition research results



Chu, M., Bao, R., Strasser, M., Ikehara, K., Everest, J., Maeda, L., Hochmuth, K., Xu, L., McNichol, A., Bellanova, P., Rasbury, T., Kölling, M., Riedinger, N., Johnson, J., Luo, M., März, C., Straub, S., Jitsuno, K., Brunet, M., Cai, Z., Cattaneo, A., Hsiung, K., Ishizawa, T., Itaki, T., Kanamatsu, T., Keep, M., Kioka, A., McHugh, C., Micallef, A., Pandey, D., Proust, J.N., Satoguchi, Y., Sawyer, D., Seibert, C., Silver, M., Virtasalo, J., Wang, Y., Wu, T.-W., and Zellers, S., 2023. Earthquake-enhanced dissolved carbon cycles in ultra-deep ocean sediments. Nature Communications, 14(1):5427.


Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU)/American Geophysical Union (AGU) Joint Meeting 2020

Strasser, M., Ikehara, K., Cotterill, C.J., and Maeda, L., 2020. The upcoming IODP Japan Trench paleoseismology expedition: new perspectives from tracking past earthquakes in the sedimentary record. Presented at the Japan Geoscience Union/American Geophysical Union Joint Meeting 2020, Chiba, Japan, 24–28 May 2020.

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