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Many people helped generate the results that are presented by the Expedition 304/305 Science Party in this volume, and we recognize these contributions as an important part of the project. Both operations crews on the JOIDES Resolution deserve many thanks: Captains Pete Mowat and Alex Simpson, the bridge and dynamic positioning groups, the drilling supervisors and ever-attentive drillers, the rig floor crews, the engine room and deck crews who kept everything running, and the Catermar groups that never ran out of ideas for the next meal and always kept things shipshape. Steve Midgley, Mike Storms, Rick Goebel, and Kevin Grigar, with the drill crew led by Tim McCown, spent many long hours during Expedition 304 trying to devise an approach that would work in the difficult hanging wall conditions. Their success in establishing a hard rock reentry system in the footwall cleared the way for the overall success of the project. Ron Grout and Wayne Malone oversaw steady and conservative operations, despite periods of rough weather, which allowed impressive core recovery throughout Expedition 305 and finished with the hole in good condition for future work. The logging engineers persisted throughout several 2–3 day continuous periods of downhole work, dealing with both routine wireline operations and sorting out problems encountered along the way. The shipboard technical staff were unfailingly enthusiastic and helpful despite our tendency to ask for just one more tweak to this software or the creation of some new gadget to do just that other thing.

On shore, contributions came from nonsailing coproponents (John Collins, Gretchen Früh-Green, and Monique Seyler) and colleagues on earlier work in the area (Joe Cann, Jeff Karson, and Deb Kelley), whose efforts helped provide the context and motivation for IODP drilling at Atlantis Massif.